As a college lacrosse club we play in the WCLL (Western Collegiate Lacrosse League), a subdivision of the MCLA. The Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) is a national organization of non-NCAA, college lacrosse programs. The MCLA currently operates in the US and Canada with 213 teams in two divisions, across ten conferences. The WCLL is one of the most competitive club leagues in the MCLA. Our conference includes Cal, Cal Poly, Chico State, Santa Clara, Sonoma State and Stanford.

Much like an NCAA program, we have two seasons: Fall and Spring. In the Fall  we practice 3 days a week and participate in two tournaments (one of which is our own, the other is the Vegas tournament), play our alumni game and usually one or two scrimmages with other programs. In the Spring we play our 6 conference games and anywhere between 6-8 out-of-conference games.  During our spring break we’ll travel to play teams. Past UCD teams have been to Boston, MA, Orlando, FL Austin TX and San Diego.

Because we are a club, players do pay dues each Fall and Spring season. Fall dues typically range from $300-$500 which covers practice uniforms, any tournament fees, hotels, transportation and coaching. Spring  dues range from$800-$1000 and cover league and conference fees, referee and trainer fees, hotels, travel, and coaching. Freshmen and 1st year players end up paying a little more the first year because of uniforms, team gloves and helmet.

We practice and play our games on Dairy Rd Field, which is a lighted grass turf facility.

dairy rd field